Saturday, October 18, 2008

The Usual

Erev Tov! The past few weeks have been fairly tranquil and nothing too exciting has happened but as the aphorism goes, "No news is good news." I've been traveling almost every weekend since I've gotten here so by now I'm comfortable (or at least more comfortable) with the public transportation in Israel and I know the prices pretty well. While there is no miraculous difference in the level of my hebrew, I think that it has improved since I've arrived. It's frustrating, however, since I just want to be fluent already! This past weekend I was at Bet Alfa visiting very close family friends. It was good to see them again and stay with them. It was exactly 2 years ago that I stayed with them during Sukkot. I'm getting more comfortable staying with people and being guests in their home but at the same time it is important that I maintain my disposition of being a humble guest (despite it being contrary to the cultural norm here). On a separate note, the Ulpan is going alright. I'm not exactly pleased with the way that we are being taught hebrew. If it was up to me we would be sticking to units - similar to the way I learned spanish. There is no connection between one lesson and the next and like everything in life...a transition is necessary. Keep sending me emails and updates!

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