Friday, December 5, 2008


It has been a month since I've blogged. For that, my most humble apologies, loyal blog followers! Well it's official! Actually, not officially. But almost! I have my Israeli citizenship. My parents got to the country on Tuesday and on Wednesday after work (still in the kindergarten!) I bused to Jerusalem to stay with them at the David Citadel. Two things on the previous sentence. "Busing" from Kibbutz Ramat Yohanan is no minuscule task. From my kibbutz I have to take a taxi to Qiryat Atta (20 NIS [New Israeli Shekel]). Then I take the bus from Qiryat Atta Center to Lev HaMifratz just outside of Haifa (4.80 NIS). Then I take a bus from Lev HaMifratz to Hof HaCarmel on the beautiful western coastline of Haifa (5.70 NIS). From there I take an express bus to Jerusalem central bus station (41 NIS). From Jerusalem central bus station I take a bus going southeast to the David Citadel hotel (5.70 NIS). My point -- traveling in Israel ain't so pleasant. The David Citadel could possibly be the nicest hotel in Israel. Not only is the location great, but I managed to gain 2 kg just during the time I was there. PLUS, my showerhead didn't even have rust on it! Living in ulpanist rooms on kibbutz makes you appreciate the finer amenities in life. Back to the citizenship though, I now have two official names. In the states my name is Benjamin Asher Jacobs and in Israel I am Jason Bourne. Just kidding, in Israel my name is Benyamin Bar-Asher. My uncle's Israeli name is Yonatan Ben-Asher but since my name is already Ben, I figured it would just create problems. Next week I should be receiving my new Teudat Zeut (Israeli identity card/passport) as well as a generous grant from Nefesh B'Nefesh. Even better news, I can finally start the tiresome process of fighting the army to let me in. Presently I am writing at the Isrotel Dead Sea Spa Hotel in...well, the Dead Sea obviously. The view from my hotel room is fantastic and everything is Nehedar (wonderful). More updates soon! The picture on the left is from Halloween and the right is me and our adopted Ulpan dog Uga!

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