Friday, February 5, 2010

The End of the Beginning

9 days until I am no longer a civilian. A week or two after the Gibush I went home for a brief 2 week visit and did not inform my mother of my return until I was home. Needless to say it was a great trip home and we all very much enjoyed what will be our last family thanksgiving for a while. I came back on December 9 and went back to work. I had an interview for the Egoz unit and although I thought the interview went rather successfully, I was not accepted to the unit. The worst part is, through all these interviews and tryouts they never let us know why we were not accepted. The let-down of the Gibush and then subsequently of the interview were upsetting but through it all I haven't broken down or anything like that. I've held up a good attitude that I guess comes in part from my family's way of "looking toward plan B". Anyway, I worked up until January 14 and then officially was unemployed. Since then I have been taking care of little things that I could not attend to while I was working. Last week I went to London and met my Dad there since London is equidistant from both of us and I have never been to Europe (except for shit-ass Poland in winter).
It's weird...I've been waiting for the day that is about to be upon me in a little over a week for a year and a half now and I don't quite know what to make of it at this point. I'm sure my feelings will change in the 9 days to come and I will begin to become more excited and nervous but at the moment I just feel like, "well it's about time." I think a year and a half of waiting has left me a bit over ripe but at least by this point my Hebrew is very good and I have a pretty good idea of how Israel works in a general sense. I wouldn't say that I'm bitter about having to wait so long but rather just very ready to go next week. It will be challenging to become a Chapash, or Chayal Pashut (Simple Soldier) where you don't receive any kudos and no one lauds your triumphs and your extraordinary efforts. This week I am going to buy some gear I need for the army with Dudi, take care of some last minute things, visit my girlfriend Arielle in Tel Aviv, and take advantage of the last few days of peace and quiet to maybe travel a little or just rest. That's all for now but I hope I'll be able to blog later this week. Email me and let me know how things are (it will be great to hear from everyone before the army).

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